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Photos and Presentations available - by 08/11/2007 @ 16:13

Presentations (pdf files to download) are available on line on the Web site by session in Workshop Presentations column.

Photos are available too in Photos box


home.gifWelcome to Fall Meeting ILRS 2007

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Grasse, the perfume capital

For centuries, perfume essences have been made out of flowers in Grasse and surroundings. But besides this attractive activity, Grasse is a very nice town with a lot of tiny streets, narrow passages and high houses.

There are special shops where you can buy "parfums" and "eaux de toilette". And of course there are flowers everywhere!
Visit the "perfume museum of Fragonard" and the "perfume factories" of Molinard. or Galimard

The 2007 Fall ILRS Workshop will be held at the "Palais des Congrès" situated in the heart of Grasse.

This conference centre will provide facilities for such an event to all delegates like plenary and splinter meetings room as well as free internet Wifi connections at some hundred meters from Hotels and old town.

Calern Observatory with laser ranging facilities
Mobile SLR Ftlrs System and LLR Meo system

Photos_stations_moutons_web.jpg The Observatory founded in 1974 has been from the first beginning dedicated to the Geosciences especially with first SLR/LLR facilities and astrometry measurements
This Observatory situated in the countryside only 20 km inland from Grasse has been selected to offer good sky quality and Nice university proximity.




OCA SLR / LLR facilities

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